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Stop! Before reading further take a few seconds to think of three songs. These songs should be recognizable to you in a way that transports you from where you are now to a place in your past.

daw-5644-wmOkay, first song, think of it and what do you see? What were you wearing, what were you doing? Were those clothes ever really in style? Stop! Snap the picture, keep it and print it.

Second song, what is it? How does it make you feel and what are the lyrics?  Does it move you? What was the dance to go along with it? Savor the moment then, STOP, capture it, print it and display it.

Okay, now for the third and final song.  Dig deep – deeper! What’s different about it? How do you relate to it?  Is it popular?  Will it still move you in ten years?  Great, snap that picture, let’s share it, post it, print it and relive it constantly.

Oddly enough with the three that I chose, the clothing styles changed each time, so did the artist and the mood. The one commonality was the energy given by each one.

Each moment is different, they seem the same sometimes but each one feels a little more unforgettable than the next.  Photography is that song can you feel its rhythm. What moves us like that song? Hmm, glad that you asked, it is that picture. Maybe the one with that horrible sweater. It could be the one from 7th grade. Let’s just say it was a transitional year but eventually you found your style. Whether it’s a song or a picture we tend to share it to bring others into our moments. Just remember, a song is generally about 200 words and most of them are just repeated. A picture is about 1000 words but there are some that are quite possibly triple that! Take a minute, snap that image and share it!

let’s capture it together, let’s share it forever!