A Different Perspective

 Dandilion-5755-smallEven among giants

still the smallest of things can impress the most.  Let’s agree that a dandelion doesn’t garner much praise if any when it comes to having a beautiful lawn.  Let’s face it they spread like weeds J and don’t really add much value to our lives.  Let’s look back for a moment, think about when you were a kid.  The thought of picking up a flower that you as a child can blow and see floating through the air as if it had some super powers was rather awesome right?  Maybe it was just me!  Nowadays when I see my kids pick one of these monsters up my immediate response is, “No!  Don’t you do it, put it down!”  I’m sure that I am not alone with this.


Let’s look at this tiny spectacle up close, it is rather intriguing, if not pretty.  All I’m saying is that the smallest of things that we tend to overlook each day can deliver the most surprising of sights. 

While on vacation with my family at a Gold Crown Golf Resort where we stayed in a penthouse facility I noticed two pictures hanging from the walls.  In both pictures there were shots of this very weed.  The images were stunning  and validated my own thoughts because just four weeks ago, these images were shot and have now made it onto my blog.  I didn’t have a clue what to write until that trip.  It hit me!  All we need is a different perspective to allow us to see even the most inconsequential things as beauty.


See it from a child’s perspective!

Heart & Soul

Photography is akin to the heart beat of a person.  When I am in the zone I like to capture more than the image but the art, the heart beat of that moment.  Life is made up of these moments and my goal is to capture it so that it can be retraced years later and bring the viewer back to when it was originally shot.  WhKimoni-5266-webether it’s a tear or laughter or just simple joy – those are the moments that we create and love.

Photography should move you!  If a picture is worth a thousand words then when we view it, it should speak to us.  Not in physical words but in emotion, in thought, in movements both in time and out of time.  We’ll stop there for now but will find our way back to this moment later.

What is photography to you?  We’d like to hear about it.  What is the movement like when you snap that perfect picture?  For me personally, it’s excitement, it’s drama, it’s sort of a dance.  The ebb and flow of that moment, one that will never come again becomes so powerful when it’s done just right with perfect timing!  This is the Heart & Soul of the matter it’s the pulse that keeps us ever evolving and ever growing to become better, to do better and to be better; photography is ours, what’s yours?

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures

Beatiful Creatures
Beatiful Creatures

Sometimes you can find the most beautiful things wrapped in the most harsh of sights. This photograph was taken of a sweet plum tree in my yard that sort of looked neglected by time. This ugly tree bears good fruit though much of it is consumed by the squirrels who perch and eat from it as though the day will never pass. It blooms for about a week and a half each year then typically the blossoms are wiped away by rain or cold. This year I caught it just before it before Tuesday’s cold front moved in to rape the blossoms of their splendor. Because of this I’m now able to enjoy it year round in its beauty vice in its anguish.

In nature at it’s very core there is such attractiveness though often times it receives such abuse for its lack of promise. Even this becomes subjective from person to person. Being a photographer isn’t always about ‘what you see is what you get’. I prefer to see what it could be, looking at it from its very nature. I enjoy shooting the rough to find excellence in simplicity. Sometimes it’s just about making someone smile, others showing a different side of someone’s personality and other’s it’s just about bringing out the best in someone or something. This blossom reveals the real beauty that’s not quickly seen at first glance. Take a minute, peer deeper, look more closely so that next time you don’t miss the attractiveness in the ugliness of life.


Hello world!

Welcome to Envizion Photography.com.   This is our first post and I am completely and utterly excited to begin this journey together with you.  We welcome you to come along with us as we travel through places together capturing beautiful moments.

Moments are gigantic steps that help to create beautiful art!

We welcome you to share your moments with us.  Let’s shape your story…

let’s imagine it together, let’s capture it, forever

let's imagine it together, let's capture it forever