The Completed Work

PlumBlossom-5781Often times the easiest thing about photography is the act of taking the picture. Sometimes things align well and as the artist / photographer I’m well pleased even before uploading anything to my editing software. I’ve found that in many cases what you see in camera isn’t what you want as a desired end. A tweak here or a tweak there is sort of customary to bring a moment into clear focus. It could be that the background is too bright or the point of focus becomes lost in the surroundings. This is when the artist in me comes out to take a picture from a picture to a completed work.

I find that I will play around with an image, not quite satisfied with a result and so I put it on the short pile until I come back to it again to bring out or down the hues or white balance or simply to remove an undesired object from the work.Iris-8643-web - Copy

Wouldn’t this be helpful in life? A preverbal undo \ redo where we can see how things fit together until we find the expected result hoped for. The funny thing is, I think that we sort of do this; we call them mistakes. Unfortunately the concept of consequences don’t exist in the same way in real life that they do in the digital world.

 YellowBush-5191-webMistakes in either are one of the best ways of learning. When I start out editing an image it’s customary to over exaggerate, purposely make a mistake, in the edit to gather intel on how the change will affect the overall outcome. Once I see something that I don’t completely like I pull the sliders back until the desired affect has been realized. Effectively in editing we alter the perception of the image through this process until finally we go from the picture to the completed work.

Perhaps someday this will apply to life as well where we can see the consequences and not actually commit them until we are ready for the expected outcome to materialize.

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