I find myself to be at odds with myself. I’m conflicted with my own passage it seems that my love has taken me on a journey well beyond what this dream ever believed to pursue. At odds with myself, at odds with my dreams at odds with this path that I firmly must follow. Sitting here half asleep I stare deep into the whispering clouds watching as they stare back at me I contemplate what this must be, what kind of love is this that I would chase so readily.

Life has some amazing turns and yet I find peace within each of them. Sure no one prefers being in the throes of the time but always I find that my passion increases with each. “Don’t allow yourself to be boxed in instead box out the world, box out the thing that derails your dreams”, those clouds whisper back at me.

I contemplate, then I think more, I contemplate once again only to find that I myself am stronger because of it. With each dream my vision increases, with each triumph my dream becomes more real. I am stronger, stronger because of it, stronger through it stronger to do it. In this year, at this time, I solidify that beyond the walls that keep me so bound I will not stand in front of it staring it down as a beaten boxer nor will I climb it only to fall, I will not allow it to box me in or sit waiting for courage to resurface. I vow this time with this life within me that I will tear down these walls that surround me. I will see me renewed and refreshed. I solidify that today I am stronger that no chains can hold me, no weight can crush me, no circumstance can overtake me because I am stronger.

I will tear down these walls because I am renewed – I am stronger!

Photography comes with its lessons as do these dreams that surround us daily…

2 thoughts on “Stronger”

  1. This is very deep and passionate. At times, I couldn’t tell if this was coming from a spiritual or physical perspective…but in the end it’s a mixture of both. It allows the reader to make the interpretation. When I read this, I can visualize myself walking out of a storm or dark place into an open field where the sun is shining bright and the warmth and present God gives me strength to keep moving.

  2. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve visited this site before but after looking at some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!|

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