Here I Am

Sometimes starring away from the camera is a way of opening up a gorgeous shot.  Settling into the picture and setting the mood for a greatenvizion-5351-wmsh shot.  The non-posed, non-poised work that I love is when the point of focus is natural because things just fit so well together.  It leaves the viewer open to ponder just what it could be that has the subject’s mind so out of focus.  This leaves room for discussion and assumption which transports the viewer into the moment of a picture all the more.  How can we know what’s on her mind in that moment?


This image was shot while the subject was in transition from pose to pose, it was just before the down time of moving from in-studio to outdoors.  As I stare into it I also wonder just what it was that she was thinking about.  The key thing is the natural feel of the image, it’s not posed or scripted.  It was shot simply after the set was completed but is one of my favorites in the collection.

Part of its mystique is the angelic nature of the mood.  There’s no smiles, no forced connection to the camera or audience.  There’s an organic flow to it with a hint of ‘home’ like feel to it similar to the way most of us feel once we’ve arrived home after a long day.  It’s soothing and the biggest joy of that is when we know no one’s looking so our guard is down and the complexity of going from ‘heals on, to the hair being let down’ is simply in changing clothes.  This is the bigger picture of our the day.  It’s simply the moment when we transition from mood to mood.  It’s completely relaxing!


That’s my take on it, what’s yours?


Stop! Before reading further take a few seconds to think of three songs. These songs should be recognizable to you in a way that transports you from where you are now to a place in your past.

daw-5644-wmOkay, first song, think of it and what do you see? What were you wearing, what were you doing? Were those clothes ever really in style? Stop! Snap the picture, keep it and print it.

Second song, what is it? How does it make you feel and what are the lyrics?  Does it move you? What was the dance to go along with it? Savor the moment then, STOP, capture it, print it and display it.

Okay, now for the third and final song.  Dig deep – deeper! What’s different about it? How do you relate to it?  Is it popular?  Will it still move you in ten years?  Great, snap that picture, let’s share it, post it, print it and relive it constantly.

Oddly enough with the three that I chose, the clothing styles changed each time, so did the artist and the mood. The one commonality was the energy given by each one.

Each moment is different, they seem the same sometimes but each one feels a little more unforgettable than the next.  Photography is that song can you feel its rhythm. What moves us like that song? Hmm, glad that you asked, it is that picture. Maybe the one with that horrible sweater. It could be the one from 7th grade. Let’s just say it was a transitional year but eventually you found your style. Whether it’s a song or a picture we tend to share it to bring others into our moments. Just remember, a song is generally about 200 words and most of them are just repeated. A picture is about 1000 words but there are some that are quite possibly triple that! Take a minute, snap that image and share it!

let’s capture it together, let’s share it forever!


The Completed Work

PlumBlossom-5781Often times the easiest thing about photography is the act of taking the picture. Sometimes things align well and as the artist / photographer I’m well pleased even before uploading anything to my editing software. I’ve found that in many cases what you see in camera isn’t what you want as a desired end. A tweak here or a tweak there is sort of customary to bring a moment into clear focus. It could be that the background is too bright or the point of focus becomes lost in the surroundings. This is when the artist in me comes out to take a picture from a picture to a completed work.

I find that I will play around with an image, not quite satisfied with a result and so I put it on the short pile until I come back to it again to bring out or down the hues or white balance or simply to remove an undesired object from the work.Iris-8643-web - Copy

Wouldn’t this be helpful in life? A preverbal undo \ redo where we can see how things fit together until we find the expected result hoped for. The funny thing is, I think that we sort of do this; we call them mistakes. Unfortunately the concept of consequences don’t exist in the same way in real life that they do in the digital world.

 YellowBush-5191-webMistakes in either are one of the best ways of learning. When I start out editing an image it’s customary to over exaggerate, purposely make a mistake, in the edit to gather intel on how the change will affect the overall outcome. Once I see something that I don’t completely like I pull the sliders back until the desired affect has been realized. Effectively in editing we alter the perception of the image through this process until finally we go from the picture to the completed work.

Perhaps someday this will apply to life as well where we can see the consequences and not actually commit them until we are ready for the expected outcome to materialize.

When Words Aren’t Enough


I remember this picture as if it were just a week ago.  The pride in carrying a torch for such a time and in handing it over to the next is a solemn statement.  We’ve all heard statements like “to run the race” but it’s different when one has actually run it, completed it and bore the scars proudly.  When the race is over I’m told that is when it matters the most – it’s a marvelous thing.


Let me give you some background on this image.  This is of a moment in the life of my aunt, Georgia Mae Walker.  She speaks of the race and in a few words the room seemed to stop, bringing many of us to a tearful silence as we struggle to understand the wisdom that time has given her to speak.  In these moments as I look back, there are no words to recover her thought but as I peek into this moment, her moment, I’m reminded exactly what the mood, the conversation and the talk was about.  Before her words we all had our own imaginings of what future times might bring though as the brilliance of my aunt rang out we were reminded of an end that will overtake us all.


Moments are about recapturing the thought, the mood, the times, the feelings or emotions in a timeless prompt.  Sometimes it combines them all and more.  Many images are wrought in spaces as little as 1/3000 of a second, imagine that!  Often times we forget that these gems exist because they are captured so quickly and in such a numerous quantity.  These days we have so many social sites where they become saved forever, stored on media servers and sold to sites seeking such media to sell a product or thing.  Every now and then however, we pull out something that shakes us and in that very moment we are urged with emotion of when the shutter met with its target.  Instantly we are harkened back to that time and hopefully it fills our face with laughter or joy as this one does mine; either way, when words aren’t enough to say it, there’s always a picture maybe with a tear that says it all without even making a sound!


Say it with a picture…

A Different Perspective

 Dandilion-5755-smallEven among giants

still the smallest of things can impress the most.  Let’s agree that a dandelion doesn’t garner much praise if any when it comes to having a beautiful lawn.  Let’s face it they spread like weeds J and don’t really add much value to our lives.  Let’s look back for a moment, think about when you were a kid.  The thought of picking up a flower that you as a child can blow and see floating through the air as if it had some super powers was rather awesome right?  Maybe it was just me!  Nowadays when I see my kids pick one of these monsters up my immediate response is, “No!  Don’t you do it, put it down!”  I’m sure that I am not alone with this.


Let’s look at this tiny spectacle up close, it is rather intriguing, if not pretty.  All I’m saying is that the smallest of things that we tend to overlook each day can deliver the most surprising of sights. 

While on vacation with my family at a Gold Crown Golf Resort where we stayed in a penthouse facility I noticed two pictures hanging from the walls.  In both pictures there were shots of this very weed.  The images were stunning  and validated my own thoughts because just four weeks ago, these images were shot and have now made it onto my blog.  I didn’t have a clue what to write until that trip.  It hit me!  All we need is a different perspective to allow us to see even the most inconsequential things as beauty.


See it from a child’s perspective!